The Technique – 5 Simple Steps

HuMandalas are shapes that we make with our connected bodies and a process of intentional connection to cultivate consciousness and synchronicity with a group of people. It is a playful ceremonial activity with much healing potential and cultural significance. When we are in sync  with one another and nature, we can consciously co-create in a higher harmony with our community and environment.

The HuMandala technique was developed by Daniel Levy after many years experimenting, vision questing and connecting with thousands of people in these sacred forms and movements. This simple and easy to learn technique has been found to be very potent and the energy movement is felt by most people who engage.

HuMandala connection are a quick and simple way to feel closer to peers and harmonize for potent collaboration. They are practiced in many situations like to start a meeting or class, celebrate, as a greeting/farewell, at the peak of a mountain, at a meal or spontaneously for fun. In combination with related activities like Mandala Yoga and Resonance Circles, many people practice this activity in their own style and it’s great to experiment. However you choose to practice HuMandalas, make sure to have fun!