Humandalas NFTs

A fun and wholesome new way to play with NFTs!

Bring your NFT characters together with other wallets to create unique, custom, and rare Humandalas!

Connection & Combination

Just like Humandalas, The Humandalas NFT project brings people of all different backgrounds together. As this project evolves, you will be able to combine your NFTs with others to create full Humandala connections.

Progressive Release of New Characters

Unique characters will initially have their own unique Humandala mudras connections. As the project progresses, new mudras will be released for different characters.


Some Humandalas characters or Humandalas mudras are more rare than others, creating a dynamic spectrum for value once combined with others of varying rarity.

Double Perspective

Humandala NFTs come with two perspectives, forward-facing and birds eye view. Birds eye images will later be used to combine NFTs of shared mudras together.

Get a custom Humandala NFT!

For a price, the Humandalas team will create a custom Humandala character and mudra of a specified rarity for you. Live your dream of human connection!
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Did you know?

The Humandalas GIPHY channel has over 300 GIFs and over 320m views!

Purchase any GIF to be minted as an NFT to the blockchain of your choice!

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About the Artist

Sofie is an illustrator, volcano enthusiast and wandering yogi. She loves to make art for kids books and clothing, and teaches dinosaur yoga in her free time! One of her own kids books, Dino Does Yoga, is published with Penguin Random House!