HuMandalas Cards


HuMandalas Meditation cards: A Mindfulness meditation card deck for groups created by the spiritual teacher Daniel Levy. This unique 52-card deck will inspire your meditation routine with spiritual mindfulness practices, and guide you to enlightening moments through techniques of visualization, affirmation, spiritual connection and intention-setting.

Our exclusive deck has 5 different card sections with different meditation practices and movement techniques. Each of the cards has a unique exercise for mindfulness achievement: A quick and easy way to cultivate moments of crunchiness, peace and relaxation. Exercises set to inspire, awaken, and work your body and soul.

  • Movement meditation exercises
  • Finding and setting your intentions
  • Visualization & Goal achievement
  • Law of attraction & Affirmations
  • Awareness & Empowerment
  • Cultivate acceptance & Happiness
  • Stress & Anxiety relief
  • Connect with nature & others
  • Path to Enlightenment

Cultivate mindful moments of connection, awareness and acceptance with this unique deck.

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