HuMandalas Cards


If you’re looking to turbo-charge your group activities with a dash of enlightenment, you simply can’t overlook Humandalas Cards by Daniel Levy. Now, this isn’t just another card game; it’s a game-changer for how we interact, connect, and grow together.



🌟 Why Choose Humandalas Cards? 🌟

Unlock Community Building: The game goes beyond the realm of entertainment. It actually acts as a catalyst for building real, authentic connections. You’re not just playing a game; you’re creating a community.

Instant Mindfulness: Whether it’s a casual gathering or a corporate event, Humandalas Cards act like a mindfulness app but in a tactile, engaging form. Get your heads out of your phones and into the present moment.

Channel Collective Energy: This unique card game guides you to focus group energy towards collective intentions. Think of it as ‘crowdsourced spirituality.’

Dive Into Emotional Well-being: It’s not just fun and games. It’s about emotional release, shared joy, and even cathartic healing. This card deck will be your group’s new emotional toolkit.

Master the Art of Non-Verbal Communication: Grow your empathic abilities by engaging in non-verbal cues and understanding. This is next-level human interaction.

So if you’re ready to elevate your group dynamics to an otherworldly dimension, Humandalas Cards are your gateway. Get ready to experience the power of collective consciousness, unity, and untapped emotional connection.

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