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HuMandalas – Activated ConnectionsHuMandalas - Playful Connection Ceremony
Synchronize & cultivate healing energy with community. Align our connected bodies, movement and sound with the natural rhythms of sacred geometry.

Featured in the Media…

Conscious Lifestyles Magazine – Feb – 2018
‘This Deck of Cards is Specially Designed to Bring You Into a State of Flow, Joy and Harmony With All Life’
Masters of Health Magazine – Issue #03 / Dec 2016
Conscious Dancer Magazine – Issue #21 + Upshift Guide
Article about Daniel Levy sharing HuMandalas in schools.
Conscious Dancer Magazine – Issue #17 – ‘Occupy Movement’
Beautiful article about bringing more love and art into the Occupy movement. Features Daniel Levy sharing HuMandalas at Occupy Oakland.


  • Water Crystal Inspired Group ActivityWater Crystal Inspired Group Activity
    HuMandalas are a Relationship Building Activity for Groups, Inspired by Dr Emoto’s Water Crystal Experiments, using Intentional Connection, Toning & Visualization to Structure the Water in our Bodies and world!
  • Video – Incredible choreography – OK GoVideo - Incredible choreography - OK Go
    Gotta check out this epic advertisement feating some incredible Human Mandalas
  • The HuMandala Vision (Video)The HuMandala Vision (Video)
    This new video by Andrés Hidalgo directly reflects how HuMandalas came to me in a similar sacred vision. HuMandala from Andrés Hidalgo on Vimeo. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.” ― Rumi Agradecimientos: Nelsón Amezquita Alexandra Nizhelskaya Mariana Villegas Juan Pablo Delgado Pablo José Ibarra Ana Ibarra Verónica Rincón Catalina Del Castillo Music by: Miguel Silva y Andrés Hidalgo
  • Sh#t New Age Girls SaySh#t New Age Girls Say
    Created a spiral with the ‘new age girl’ and the elevate crew at the Farmer and the Cook in Ojai Ca… Perfect timing as I was heading to the truck to start my drive to San Louis Obispo… I was talking to my friend about connecting with this crew last night and I posted something ...
  • LiquidFlow Bacalar fulldome Movie TRAILERLiquidFlow Bacalar fulldome Movie TRAILER
    Underwater contact improv / Dolphin Dancing with a spiral connection. LiquidFlow Bacalar fulldome Movie TRAILER from axxvjs on Vimeo. SCREENING SOON IN 360 FULLDOME FORMAT Filmed at “Liquid flow festival” Bacalar, Mexico 2015 Directed, Shot & Edited by Axel Vj Axx Music by Sab kutch milega Produced by AxxVjs “Every year, the Liquid Flow Family gathers in Mexican paradise waters. We devote our ...
  • Fusion Factory 2011Fusion Factory 2011
    Human Mandala Project – Fusion Factory 2011 Josh Davis of  Expanding Spiral  Foot Butte  DNA Butte  DNA Butte Overhead  I Love You  Kaleidoscope  Kaleidoscope Opens  Kaleidoscope Opened  Kaleidoscope Opened and Expanded
  • Eden Hot Springs 2011Eden Hot Springs 2011
    Human Mandala Project -Eden Hot Springs 2011 Photos by Sean Stuchen Photos from Josh Davis and the Human Mandala Project  Big Circle  Power Connection  Heart Opener  Alice in Wonderland  Pointed Star Plow Portal  Strength in Numbers  Chikana
  • South Boulder Human Mandala Project VideoSouth Boulder Human Mandala Project Video
    This was a photo shoot in south boulder on april 30th 2011 the images can be seen by visiting –
  • The Human Mandala ProjectThe Human Mandala Project
    The Human Mandala Project creates resonating geometric shapes with our human vehicles. This session took place at the Crestone Emerging Arts Festival( in Crestone CO. See more of The Human Mandala Project at –
  • Hundreds of people formed a human peace sign at Central Park in NYC today to honor John LennonHundreds of people formed a human peace sign at Central Park in NYC today to honor John Lennon
    Hundreds of people formed a human peace sign at Central Park in #NYC today to honor John Lennon — Eyewitness News (@ABC7NY) October 6, 2015
  • HuMandalas in Space!HuMandalas in Space!
    Not sure where to add this on the vortex map, but, this is definitely the first recorded HuMandala in #OuterSpace for a #SuccessfulMission at the International Space Station!
  • Heart Spring Meadow Mt ShastaHeart Spring Meadow  Mt Shasta
    Connecting in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Water so pure and energy so magnificient –
  • Hand Tutting as a Way to Enhance HuMandalasHand Tutting as a Way to Enhance HuMandalas
    “Our bodies are instruments” with Status Silver
  • Brilliant Dance Flow Will Make Your Mind KaleidoscopicBrilliant Dance Flow Will Make Your Mind Kaleidoscopic
    GEOMETRIE VARIABLE – Choreography and concept: Sadeck Berrabah , Bouzid Ait-Atmane and Ammar Benbouzid. Dancers: Sadeck , Zid and Ammar AMR: insta : @ammardancer fb :@Ammar Dancer SDK : fb page : @sadeck  insta : sadeckwaff ZID: Insta : Zid_YZ fb : YZ – Yanka Zid



    Related Project

    Spiral of Cooperation

    Madame O’Douce teaches how you can become an ambassador of the Spiral of Cooperation and bring the message of In’Lekesh to the world.

    Human Mandala Project

    The Human Mandala Project is Josh Davis’s creation. By creating layed out mandalas and artwork with human bodies, the most amazing photos are created from above. This is very beautiful!

    Intenders of the Highest Good

    Tony Burrough’s intention process for groups of people to empower each other’s manifestations. This is an aspect of the HuMandala Experience.

    Synergy Non Profit

    This is a project to get in tune with the needs of deprived villages in 3rd world countries using ‘Flying AcroYoga,’ ‘Synergy Circles’ and other connected yogic activities. Daniel Levy trained with founder, Francisco Morales Bermudez and is a certified synergy teacher.

    Expanding Light Ashram

    Learn yoga at a successful Ashram community with over 200 residents. With Ananda Yoga, aasanas are done with affirmation to accentuate the posture. In the tradition of Paramahamsa Yogananda, this is where I became a certified yoga teacher.

    Reclaiming Balance

    A resident of Maui, founder, Deborah Dove is an inspirational partner yoga teacher, specializing in Mandala Yoga Circles. Cultivate resonance, build coherence and unite groups of people in a heart filled cooperative way. Bond deeply while opening up portals to the divine through these joyous, co-creative exploratoriums.

    Kaleidoscope Community Yoga

    Kaleidoscope Community Yoga is a community yoga project started in Bellingham, Washington. The project was founded to establish a culture of practicing yoga together in community.

    Circus Yoga

    Circus yoga incorporates theatre, AcroYoga, and kids yoga for an all around fun filled time

    Rainbow Kids Yoga

    It’s great to grow up, learning yoga at an early age. Rainbow Kids Yoga is a teacher training for those wanting to guide children in playful yoga forms.

    Common Vision

    A caravan of vege-oil run buses show up at the school. It’s time to drum, dance and plant fruit trees. This project is amazing!

    Sacred Geometry

    Ancient Greek Geometry Game

    Awesome resource and best way to learn about the technicalities of the creation patterns.

    The Resonance Project

    Dr. Nassim Haramein’s writings and theories regarding sacred geometry and energy.

    Dan Winter’s Golden Mean Website

    Dan Winter’s website, Winter’s was my first sacred geometry inspiration
    with his film “The Geometries of Love”

    Intro to Sacred Geometry

    Great information about Sacred Geometry

    Dr. Emoto’s Water Crystals

    Learn about Dr. Emoto’s experiments with water and how our intentions are reflected in the crystals. This is mind blowing!

    Law of Time

    Time is Art! Learn about the geometric structure of time, based on traditional Mayan astrology.

    Dan Shaw’s Vortex Maps

    See a listing of lay lines and vortexes all around the planet. This is a great resource.

    Flower of Life

    Learn how to draw and apply the flower of life to your world view.

    Golden Number

    Detailed articles about the Golden ratio and the Fibonacci spiral


    Open source sacred GEOmetry

    Retreat, Festivals & Workshop Spaces

    Harbin Hot Springs

    Host to many HuMandala events, Harbin Hot Springs is one of the oldest and most beautiful hot springs in California, it is now operated as a non-profit retreat and workshop center. harbin is located north of San Francisco, above the Napa Valley wine region.

    DiviniTree Yoga & Art Studio

    Experience over 40 classes a week of intense, creative, and energizing yoga. Classes are offered at all levels from beginner to expert – there is truly something for everyone.

    Oregon Country Fair

    Celebrate with us and delight in our world class entertainment, hand-made crafts, delectable foods, educational displays and magical surprises at every turn of the path We invite you to join us in our wooded setting, 13 miles west of Eugene near Veneta, Oregon for an unforgettable adventure.

    Mystic Garden Gathering

    The Mission of this Gathering of the Tribes event is to create a fun, inspiring and nurturing environment that is mutually supportive to uplift us and bring out the best in us all. Many of us have had the transcending experience of being at a festival/gathering/event where the spirit of community, art and creativity transported us to new heights and supported us to be more heart centered, empowered, and to live a healthier more vibrant lifestyle.

    Peace Village

    Peace Village Festival 2011 kicks off on August 19th – 21st with three full days of concerts (think mini-Tanglewood or Britt Music Series, along with spa and mineral springs, a stone’s throw from Ashland) — replete with a wide variety of music including Reggae, World Fusion, Rock, Folk, Kirtan, Gypsy, Latin, Funk, and Americana, all with a common goal of uniting in the spirit of peace.



    From Chico, CA,
    MaMuse plays inspirational music that warms the heart. They are feature in some HuMandala videos.


    From Ashland, OR, Cornflower rocks the beats with his loop machine, creating all the music from his voice, bringing in the new age with heart opening songs. He is featured in HuMandala Videos.

    Mandala World Music

    Eric Mandala is a talented musician who plays sacred music from all around the world.

    Other Great Resources


    Great resource, online radio and
    TV show about the emerging conscious culture.

    National Institute For Play

    Encouraging people of all ages to PLAY!

    Omni-Gym Yoga Swing

    Time to flip your world upside down with my favorite exercise device, the yoga swing. Look for videos of Levy demonstrating how it can be used to practice Flying AcroYoga.


    From the creators of the Yoga Swing, Experience brain balancing techniques, and many other therapeutic tools for transformation. is a ‘hours’ based global barter system for ‘Inter-connected, Trusted networks of friends’ HuMandalas accepts villages payments for all workshops that we host.

    Link to us!

    HuMandalas – Activated ConnectionsHuMandalas - Playful Connection Ceremony
    Synchronize & cultivate healing energy with community. Align our connected bodies, movement and sound with the natural rhythms of sacred geometry.

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