How It Works

First Off, What Are HuMandalas?

HuMandalas is an active meditation technique that consists of using your body to form shapes in order to establish a process of intentional connection with others and the universe as a whole. It facilitates the mindful process of self-awareness, energy visualization, and enlightenment through group energizing movement meditation.

The HuMandalas technique is a creative and unique movement meditation practice that has similarities to qigong, yoga, reiki and sacred dance. It is an easy way to grasp the ancient principles of bio-energetic cultivation, visualization and the power of intention to achieve spiritual connection and mindfulness in groups.

The exercise is used to develop spiritual connection, consciousness, and synchronicity with a group of people. It is a playful ceremonial activity for meditation circles with much healing potential and cultural significance.

When we are in sync with one another and nature, we can consciously co-create in higher harmony with our community and environment.
DNA LEVITY (founder of humandalas)

So where do they come from?

The huMandalas energy movement exercises were developed by Daniel Levy after many years of experimenting, vision questing, and connecting with thousands of people in these sacred forms and movements. You can read more about the huMandalas organization and its history here.

The huMandalas Meditation Technique – 5 Simple Steps

huMandalas connections are a quick and simple way to feel closer to peers and harmonize for potent collaboration. They are practiced in many situations like to start a meeting or class, celebrate, as a greeting/farewell, at the peak of a mountain, at a meal or spontaneously for fun.

In combination with related activities like Mandala Yoga and Resonance Circles, many people practice this activity in their own style and it’s great to experiment. However you choose to practice huMandalas, make sure to have fun!

HuMandalas as we share it happen in 5 steps:

Let's get started, shall we?

huMandalas Circle Ceremonies: Step-By-Step

Step 1: Connection

HuMandalas Circle Ceremonies Connection

Follow the selected huMandala to use your hands to form a sacred geometry shape with your group. Simple! This might require some patience and laughs to get it right.

We connect with each other and the rhythms of nature. When we are in the space of connection, you can physically, you can connect with an ‘Om’, you can connect with movement. In Judaism they use the term ‘daven’ to describe taking a breath, feeling the spirit and moving with the spirit and letting it move you.

You can do all of these practices by yourself too. We connect with nature just by moving with the spirit, breathing with nature, toning with nature. From the space of connection, we are in sync with all of creation. Our dreams are not just our dreams, but the collective dream.

Step 2: Intention

HuMandalas Circle Ceremonies Intention Setting Meditation

Using your pulled card as a guide, set your intention and share with your group.

HuMandalas are an opportunity to share visions and prayers for a better world, and for personal development. Through HuMandalas, we can experience the alignment of a group of people with a shared purpose, and empower the manifestation of our personal or collective desires. And they’re fun, too!

Align with the universe & it aligns with us! Our intentions are embodied in ourselves and integrated into the planetary consciousness field.

Instead of expressing “I will stop eating junk food,” express, “I am eating healthy food!

Similarly, instead of stating, “I am going to exercise more,” say “I am choosing to exercising more, everyday.”


HuMandalas Circle Ceremonies Energy Cultivation

This is when we cultivate the energy of our intention within the sacred geometric figure we've created with our hands. It might be to make a tone, move, sing, breathe, or something else.

We can cultivate a pulse with breath or movement when we move together. You can also cultivate the pulse through sharing a tone together in your huMandala circle.  Another way is to notice beauty - taking a look at nature, noticing the beauty of the trees, the sky, the sound of the wind going through the trees.

As we notice the beauty around us, take a moment to notice the beauty in each other, the beautiful radiant people. The more beauty we notice, see, perceive and receive, we become engulfed in it. We are that light.

During the cultivation of the energy, this is a good time to reflect on that light and beauty within each of us.

“The energy goes where the attention flows.”
Old Saying


HuMandalas Circle Ceremonies Energy Cultivation

Now, we take that cultivated energy and offer the blessing to something. Your huMandalas card may guide you, but your Offering can literally be anything. You can offer your intention to any person, place, cause, event or project.

Breathe deep, rub your hands together to get the energy flowing, and raise your hands up to the sky, to the land and offer the blessing. Breathe in deep and imagine this energy being channeled directly to that destination.


HuMandalas Circle Ceremonies Energy Cultivation

Finally, we Anchor the meditation into something real that will serve as a reminder and as a "storage" place for this energy.

Objects like crystals have the ability to store our energy and our thoughts, similar to a hard drive storing data. When we look at the crystal, we are brought back to this memory. When we do huMandalas, we always anchor our experience into something that will bring us back to this memory. When we leave this object somewhere it will trigger this memory within ourselves.

Anchoring is what we do after every huMandala. You can anchor many intentions in your space to make it a safe and protected space. Our belief is what holds that down.

Get started leading your own huMandalas today!

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