Breathe In Sync

Breathing in sync with people and natural rhythms is an easy way to get in harmony with each other and nature.
Inhale deeply, letting your belly expand, then exhale letting your belly contract.

Breathe in Sync with people all over the world, Right Now!

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There are also rooms for laughing in sync and options to cultivate different intentions. Create a HuMandala with the Do As One Intention of the hour!

Program your breath with positive consciousness using Toning and Intention!
Example: Inhale while thinking “I am Love” then exhale “I am Grateful”
Example 2: Inhale while thinking the tone “Maa” then exhale “Ommm”

This is a simple way to harmonize, focus energy and enter the vortex of co-creation.
Synchronize your breath with that of the group and harmonize with the sounds of nature.
Set an intention and breathe for that reason.
Cultivate the Energy!
Focus your energy for the greater good!

~Pass the Breath~

Every other person inhales, while the others exhale.

~Timed Breath~

For example:
Inhale for 7 seconds, exhale for 7 seconds
Or inhale for 7 seconds, hold your inhale for 7 seconds, exhale for 7 seconds.
“7 seconds” is just an example, try other timing patterns, too.
Breathe for 1 second through 10 seconds in consecutive breathes… go as high as you can.

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