more nature more better

10 Reasons You Should get in sync with nature in the Next 10 Days/Months

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more nature more better
Get outside and feel revived

Getting out in nature is vital for our wellbeing. When we take the time to go outdoors we get more than a few health benefits. Let this list inspire you to take a break from the screen and go enjoy the outdoors.

It Activates!
Spending time in nature can boost your energy and wellbeing. Feeling sluggish? Time for a nature break.

It’s Healing
The beautiful outdoors boosts your immune system. Stopping to smell the roses can literally increase our levels of white blood cells, thanks to phytoncides! Read more about Shinrin-yoku Forest Therapy here.

It’s soothes
When you’re out in nature, anger, fear, and stress can be greatly reduced. Just by viewing nature scenes or having a plant in the room can cause less stress and anxiety. 

It can Boosts Creativity
Having a creative slow down? Taking a walk in nature can help you focus. Studies show that walking in nature helps restore our center. Next time you get a “writer’s block” leave the screen and go for a walk. 

Vitamin D Dose Skip the supplements and enjoy the sunshine. You don’t need to get sunburned or tan either, casual exposure to sunlight will get you your daily dose of D.

Enhance the Immune System The combination of Vitamin D, less stress,  phytoncides can all be a boon to your immune system. 

Helps with the Road to Recovery  Sunlight may help lessen pain post-surgery. Patients exposed to more sunlight needed less pain medication based on this study. 

It makes you a Better Person Spending time outdoors is beneficial and we all know it. After an adventure outdoors you will be feeling less stress, have a stronger immune system and have an easier time navigating your relationships, Because being outside…

Lifts your Mood  This study has found that more time in nature can lower your risk of depression. Less depressed more bliss!

Get more Nature in your life by:

  • Taking a daily walk (however short.)
  • Have a picnic
  • Bring your work outside
  • Set up a hammock in your yard or local park to read or scroll on your phone
  • Lay on the grass a watch the sky
  • Nap under a tree
  • Do yoga in the park
  • Explore the closest woods
  • Garden
  • Visit a lake, beach, river, waterfall or creek.
  • Take a hike
  • Ride a bike
  • Look out your window, roll down or open them too!

Being in nature is awe-inspiring, It’s beautiful and truly amazing! So get outside and appreciate the beauty all around you.

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