5 Everyday Situations to share a Humandala

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Humandalas are great icebreakers and an easy way to connect a little deeper with your friends. Folks are often wondering how to incorporate humandalas into their daily practice and here are some perfect examples:

1. Before a meal.  A small change from the traditional prayer but just as potent. Try a peace star and anchor your loving intention into the meal.
2. As a greeting or farewell, use humandalas as a connecting and separating ritual. Take the time to connect in a galactic spiral, breathe and celebrate together.
3. As a manifestation tool. Group supported manifestations is where its at! Setting your intention is the second step in the 5 step humandala Process.
4. As a water blessing. Connect at a freshwater spring, waterfall, river, lake or the ocean, bless those sources of life !* Ola i ka wai* water is life.
5. Anywhere you want to lift the vibes up! 
*Yoga teachers can share after shavasana
*Gatherings & Reunions
*During classes, workshops or trainings
*With the President in the oval office

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