5 Steps to Inspire Synchronicity

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Align with the rhythm of the universe, we sing & dance along to a cosmic song and everything is in perfect sync!

I love experiencing deep Synchronicity. When I am in the flow and everything is divine timing. Opening up and trusting the universe and all its infinite potential. I can achieve anything! 
The five steps of HuMandalas Inspire Synchronicity by aligning the patterns of our bodies to the universe. Here are a few tips to take you deeper still.
ConnectWhile connecting your hands to create a collective unit, start to Consciously breathe together. We are more mindful and creative while embodying our breathe. Everyone can exhale completely making a whoosh sound through your mouth, then Inhale and exhale collectively through your nose on the same count. Repeat for several breaths.
Set the intentionIntentions have the creative power to fulfill all of our needs. Take this time to touch your heart and share your intentions and desires. When we are connected, our dreams, are universal. This is the time to take your dreams into reality. Everything from money and abundance to awakening or love.  After sharing your intention feel the universe and your community support in aligning your intention. Affirm your support when you hear others Intentions.  
Cultivate the energy…. Move with natural rhythms to cultivate the energy, feel the Support of the universe loving you in your intentions. Take time now to connect eyes with each individual letting go of any barriers of separation feeling the beauty of  this special union. Visualize everything getting more beautiful.
Offer the BlessingWhile sending the blessing to a person, place or thing. Visualize the blessing as a shining light rainbowing and landing to its destination. Feel the Universe in motion.
Anchor the ToneYou have released and shared your intentions, now is the time to Anchor your intentions. Visualize it as sacred seed you are planting in fertile soil full of potentiality. Envisioning it blooming in perfect timing, in perfect synchronicity.
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