Why you should say Yes to the Humandalas Teacher Training

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Saying yes to becoming a teacher is an amazing step on your self-journey. Think of the teachers who have made a positive impact on your life. Imagine the ripples that you, yourself will create, joining the ranks of light teachers, spreading aloha & joy.

Where can you see humandalas happening in the world around you?

Before a board meeting? At Yoga class or a banquet, in the coffee room at the office? With the team before a sports game, or at the food court at the mall? Connecting and setting intentions is a valuable tool for any leader and Humandalas are welcome at any group setting. 

Anyone can become a Humandalas teacher!

From the motivational speaker, inspiring employees to the homesteader who loves having gatherings. All can share the experience of the training, bringing it into their lives and to others in positive ways. 

Thinking about joining us at the humandalas teacher training in Hawaii Nei? Check out these reasons to take the leap:

  • Learn new skills. After the humandalas Get down, you will be able to confidently lead the 5 step connections. With this experience, doors open to more freedom and self-employment opportunities.
  • Connect with others. After this immersion, you will have a new sweet yoga family to be connected to for years to come. While we dive deep into this practice, we will be supported in the journey by the group. This is an opportunity to create a network you can call on from around the world. 
  • Deepen your practice. Get activated in dance, movement & song. Learn from each other and nature, embody the ceremony and deepen your spiritual and physical practice. After this immersion, many will feel deeply attuned to their true selves. Find new awareness and beliefs to bring into a conscious lifestyle, and focus on what matters most. 
  • Accept the challenge. Doing an immersion is a challenge mentally and physically. Say yes, and get yourself out there, even if it out of your comfort zone.
  • You will be a teacher! When you complete this training, you be able to share humandalas day, to day, and lead your own humandalas classes. Teach at senior centers, prisons, schools, and other community spots. Share humandalas in your own, “authentically you” teaching style. 

Now that your inspired, reserve your spot for the Humandalas Get Down, today! Prepare yourself for learning, new friends and lots of connection!


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