Musical Mandala – Connecting Hearts with the Musical Arts

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The Musical Mandala is “Connecting Hearts with the Musical Arts,” and this is what Paul Russell, Creative Catalyst and Musical Guide, does everyday through private sessions, group classes, workshops, and community events.
His signature gathering is called ‘Making Musical Mandalas,’ a delightful form of community singing infused with group groove and improvised play. Our signature workshop is called Creative Communion: Making Musical Mandalas. In this workshop, aspiring and inspiring musicians develop five aspects of Inspired Musicianship.
1) Create and empower our unique Artistic Vision.
2) Recognize and develop our connection, our Muse-Link, with Innate Creativity.
3) Enjoy learning the basics of Harmony, Melody, and Rhythm in a playful way/ Holistically integrating music in Body, Voice, and Mind, attain Resonant Knowing.
4) Fluent Expression is a natural outcome of integrating the first three aspects. In other words, every element integrated into Resonant Knowing is available for Innate Creativity to use in service of Artistic Vision.
5) Creative Communion is the delightful experience of enjoying group groove and improvised play while Making Musical Mandalas. Workshops conclude with participants composing their own Musical Mandala for the group to sing together, thereby courageously taking on the role of Creative Catalyst!
The Musical Mandala also offers workshops called Inner Harmony: Music & Meditation. A long time meditation and qigong practitioner, Paul integrates these disciplines into a series of musical meditations with a focus on Resonant Presence, Deep Listening, and Mantra Mandalas.
The Musical Mandala is physically based in Bellingham, Washington on the coast of the beautiful Salish Sea.
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