Connecting with Diverse Multi-Generation Groups

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With sharing HuMandalas over the years, It is always interesting to see who is most drawn to the HuMandala Movement Meditation. People of all ages and ethnicity enjoy connecting and the more diverse the group, the more beautiful the humandala.


More than others,  Elders need touch and connection with a safe, non-strenuous container. I am honored to find that many elders have attended humandala trainings multiple times with some saying it was of the most profound experiences of their life.


My family loves HuMandalas and my 4 year old daughter initiates them everyday with most new people we meet. It is a fun a sweet icebreaker and like  me, it makes her feel more comfortable with new or old friends. We do HuMandalas before meals, for important occasions and as greeting. They are a big part of our everyday family life. It is so powerful to incorporate ritual into life and to teach our children how to make things beautiful and sacred with our attention.

It’s for Everyone

I have done HuMandalas in some interesting situations and with a vary diverse group of people. Sometimes, the people who are the most skeptical and questioning end up being the biggest HuMandalas fans. They might not totally engage in the energy, as I do, but they might notice some other beautiful aspect that can not be denied. The truth is, whether you are spiritually inclined or not, everybody loves connecting and the beauty of our connected bodies is magnificent.

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