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Do you have subtle or major anxieties holding you back from achieving your highest vision for life? The world around us is anchored with memories from our past and not all of them are good memories. I invite you to open to the possibility of reprogramming these anchored triggers. These programs are not who you are, and they can be changed.

My name is Daniel Levy, I have Tourette Syndrome, a genetic neurological disorder that causes vocal & physical twitches and muscle spasms throughout my body. Growing up was difficult and I suffered with major depression issues because of my anxiety and the social impacts of being a teenager with a very noticeable and strange looking disability.

I am grateful to have discovered a method, influenced by Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Yoga & Humandalas, to manage my emotions and find peace with traumatic experiences that had caused many years of mental anguish. This technique has also brought me much success socially and financially, as an entrepreneur & workshop leader. I call this ‘Energy Psychology’ technique, ‘Conscious Reprogramming Technique.’

Conscious Reprogramming is a process of visualizing & feeling a traumatic moment while practicing energy system balancing techniques, such as affirmations, breathework, singing, dancing, drumming, meridian point tapping, or visualization. The goal is to be at peace with past traumas and to create positive reminders (anchors) to reinforce the outcome.

Conscious Reprogramming is useful for anyone, not just those with anxiety. It can be used to gain more success at work, improve family life and to meet your goals, in general. Consciously reprogram the world around you with beautiful reminders to live in your highest states of being.

To learn more and to schedule a free 30 minute coaching session, contact Daniel Levy

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