Creating Rituals for Children and Family

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Rituals can bring special attention to everyday tasks. Bringing awareness and gratitude to any moment making it more meaningful.
Our days are made up with opportunities for creating rituals. Like asana in morning, walks after dinner or stories before bed.
As a mother I’ve noticed how my daughter thrives in a routine. It makes her feel safe and secure, knowing what’s going to happen next. Of course this shifts and evolves over time and we are always open to spontaneity and creativity.
I’m reminded of all the special songs we sang to calm her,  rock her to sleep or to entertain. Every service an act of love. How each moment created rituals or traditions that strengthened our bond as a family.
Here are a few of our favorite rituals that help us to connect, feel safe and loved.
1. We sing our Grateful Song before all of our meals.

Give Thanks to the Mother Gaia

Give Thanks to the Father Son

Give Thanks to the Children in the Garden

Where the Mother and the Father are One

Give Thanks, Give Thanks to you we do Give Thanks..

Followed by a Yuuuum

  2. Having a Triple Kiss before bed or adventuring. I love strengthening our family bond with a group kiss between my daughter, husband & I. Our Special divine trinity.

3. Peace Star– This a fun and quick ritual that we love to use when parting from friends. Everyone makes a peace sign with their hand and connects it together in a beautiful peace star. When connected we all feel the Peace & separate in extra good vibes.

4.Burning sage or Palo Santo– I let my daughter bless our space up in the evening before bed. It’s so sweet to see her carefully holding the stick circling the space sing “Bless the space, Bless our home.”

These simple rituals, create traditions for our children and family. They teach gratitude and help pass down the values we want to instill. Children can look forward to a sing a song or have story time on the daily.
Let me know what rituals and traditions your family enjoy in the comments.
Let’s inspire each other.

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  1. This is a really important practice for building family bonds of solidarity and security for children and parents. I love your sweet ideas, and can see that your little one does as well. <3

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