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Lead Circle CeremoniesI love circle ceremonies. My community gathers in circles to celebrate universal cycles, like full moons, equinox, solstice, and birthdays. Pretty any excuse we can get, honestly… that’s how we roll…before and after meals, community dances, and, of course, the day. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣Create beautiful patterns with our hands and channel our love for personal and planetary healing.

Dances of Universal Peace Winter Quarterly Camp near Santa Barbara in 2012

Every leader, leads with their own unique style; offering different intentions, reminders and visualizations. Usually, we will hold hands, share an intention or prayer and make the sacred yogic sound ‘om.’

So, I want to ask you a serious question.

Do you want to have more circle ceremonies in your community or add variety to them? Did you know that you can easily do circle ceremonies, with just 2 people or alone?

You can even do circle ceremonies online!

Humandalas are a guided circle ceremony. I have been teaching this activity for 15 years. I offer workshops and a daily, guided meditation ‘lovestream’ on Instagram.

Humandalas Cards are a beautifully illustrated card deck that will guide your friends through fun, family friendly circle ceremonies. You can also download the Humandalas app for android and iOS.

I’ve created these tools so that the world will have more circle ceremonies and I hope you will take this opportunity to bring more connection into your community.

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