How HuMandalas Cards Support the Environment

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Plant a Tree & Play a Game

We are stoked to now be planting a food bearing tree for every HuMandalas Cards purchase. We got the idea from companies who offset their impact on the environment by planting new trees, like WoodChuck USA, WeWOOD, Baron Fig,  Montaia and Pacific Shaving Company. We love that style, so figured we should follow suit.
Our goal is to balance the environmental impact of printing, and transportation by planting trees.
The trees are going to be planted on the Big Island of Hawaii. Its a great place to start since it is new land. We have an active volcano here, Kilauea. These area’s start out totally barren and in some places where the flow happened a half a century ago there are still very few trees. Sprouts will make their way eventually but a human helping hand will speed up the process astronomically.
It gets crazy hot out here and when the winds shift their can be VOG. (volcanic dust and gases) Planting trees will cool it down and purify the air and of course it creates beauty and nourishment. When planting trees you are thinking of the future, this act benefits all beings. We are dedicated to Hunger relief, Healthy Humans, Healthy Planet, Healthy living and sustainability for future generations.
Surprisingly enough its very fertile here and perfect for growing coconuts, mangoes, jack fruit and other tropical fruit treasures. Sometimes you can just launch an avocado pit out on the rocks & up it will spout. Its amazing.
This mission is a family affair. My husband Daniel’s greatest passion is, of course, HuMandalas and my Kuleana (responsibility) is planting & beneficial beautification. It is really a beautiful Marriage. We are so grateful to share this gift.
Follow us on instagram to catch the latest pictures of our planting progress.

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