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Humandalas Visits Singing Alive in Kauai!

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What happens when a group of 100 or so people camp out and sing songs for four days?

Healing Vibrations!
Everything Humandalas are all about.

Humandalas creator, Daniel Levy, traveled to Kauai in April to teach a workshop at Singing Alive. The festival takes place in the Appalachian Mountains, the Pacific Northwest, Costa Rica, and Hawaii. The Kauai Singing Alive was held on a beautiful piece of land in Anahola, known as The Taro Patch. The Dalai Lama once said that Anahola is the place where new souls enter the world. It is sacred land, indeed.


Daniel’s presentation at Singing Alive combined Humandalas and sound. We chanted the names of the people in our group, sang seed mantras and much more, while joining together to form geometric shapes with our hands. Humandalas are a physical expression of unity that creates the kind of prayerful field of interdependent resonance needed to manifest group intentions. It’s very similar, in fact, to the effect of singing about peace, plants, and the quest to embody our divine nature — right here and now.

Singing Alive is a non-performing event. If people sing a song, it’s to share and teach it to others. There are no passive observers here. Everyone is learning to sing from the heart and attune their voices to create sounds of harmony. There are still ways to be individually creative within this collective container.

It’s a unique experience being part of such a giant band of minstrels. There are plenty of opportunities to watch other people perform out there in the world. Singing Alive is designed to be inclusive.

The founder of the festival, Morgan Brent, said during one of his workshops that healing is a vibration. The first step to creating a more enlightened society is raising our individual vibration and we can do it through song. The voice is the only musical instrument that exists inside the body. We can use it to create beauty, give thanks, and slow down brainwaves.

Humandalas do the same. There are so many ways to join hands and become one with our neighbors.

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