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Intention Setting Meditation: What It Is And How To Do It

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Meditation is a powerful tool you can use for your mind, body and spirit. It can be used to heal and strengthen any facet of your life that you direct your meditative energy towards.

Directing your meditation toward a specific focus is called setting an intention. Setting an intention is a powerful tool to manifest what you want in your life. When you set an intention for your meditation, you are channeling your energy towards that desired outcome which, ultimately, brings that intention into your reality. Your intentions affect not only the energy within you but the energy around you, which makes setting an intention an incredibly powerful tool. 

Science of Intention

There are scientific studies that suggest that our intentions affect not only our bodies but our environments. Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, conducted experiments where he froze water samples and took a look at their molecular formations. These experiments showed that water was directly affected by the surrounding energetic vibration of words, sounds, and intentions.

The patterns of water crystals would change depending on the intentions set by the surrounding people. Fear, anger, hatred and low vibrating emotions created ugly fragmented patterns, while beautiful words and high vibrating intentions created six pointed, symmetrical patterns. All of this is to illuminate that our vibrations can affect the space around us and our intentions can create beautiful energy around us or our intentions when they are misplaced can create fragmented energy and attract such energy into our lives. The goal is to set positive, life affirming intentions to utilize your power to help your life. 


When you set your meditation with an intention, you focus your mind on a desired outcome such as bliss, abundance, unconditional love, or releasing negativity. An intention can be anything. As you think about these things you embody them. Thinking thoughts is how different energies pass through your system. What you are thinking is what you are embodying. With this in mind, orient our consciousness on specific words, phrases or emotions that elevate you.

Another important aspect of intention is presence. Many people say “I am going to be healthy,” but when you are oriented in the present you should say “I am healthy” or “I am healthier every single day” or “I am always doing things to improve my health everyday.” Avoid “I am going to be” type statements. Presence will bring your intention into your current reality. Keep it present and positive.

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Practice Regularly 

There are many techniques you can try to manifest your intention. One important method is to get into a habit of reinforcing your intention. Consistency in practicing meditation is an important factor in the power you can cultivate. The more you practice with setting a specific intention the more you embody the intention, the more likely your intention will come into fruition.

Share with Others

Another way to enforce your intention is to share it with others. This brings your intention into the minds and realities around you. When you share your intention, your friends and/or family can enforce your vision with you. They can help you by sharing advice, resources, words of encouragement, or anything that they have to offer that may help you on your path. 

Not only does sharing with others help fortify your intention by directing multiple paths of energy toward your goal, but it also helps create a supportive community. A community that can help you become who you want to be and create what you envision will bring will deeply enrich your life and bring you closer to your higher self. 


If you find yourself most engaged with group activity, you may consider huMandalas. HuMandalas is a guided movement group meditation that uses intentional connection, toning, and visualization to get more in sync with others and nature.

HuMandalas are particularly powerful for intention setting. When you set an intention during a huMandala, everyone in the group acknowledges your intention with verbal and physical validation. This type of intention setting has proven to be very successful, as participants have seen their lives change in incredible ways after practicing huMandalas.

There is a lot to learn about huMandalas and it’s cards designed to help any individual or group set their intentions, cultivate the energy, –I suggest starting here.

In Conclusion 

Intention setting will help you craft a direct path towards your goals and visions. Remember the most effective way to yield results is to incorporate meditation into your weekly schedule. The more you practice setting your intention the more energy you are putting into solidifying your intention. Be present, positive and genuine in your pursuit and no matter the result treat yourself with love and acceptance.

You are a vessel of light, compassion and power. 

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