It's Easy to Get in the Flow of Synchronicity & Manifestation

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Have you ever thought about a person you haven’t seen in ages, then turn a corner and there they are? Then you think about your favorite food and your friend just picked some up, hoping to find a friend at the park to share it with. Yes, coincidence happens, but when we are in the flow and feeling great, these things happen way more!
Consciousness is moving through the wind, a galactic current of tone and frequency, like a cosmic song, and we can choose to sing & dance along. We are like reeds singing our notes in that polyrhythmic universal symphony (Uni-verse = One Song).

When our consciousness is in sync with universal rhythms, our dreams are also universal and all of creation is conspiring with us to make it happen.

When we cleanse our bodies and are able to resonate or vibrate clearly, we gain sensitivity and are naturally more attuned to these cosmic currents of consciousness. By consciously moving with these rhythms, by dancing with the wind and singing with the birds, it tunes our biorhythms to that of the cosmos. Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi and of course, HuMandalas are all excellent techniques to help us get out of our head and into the ‘flow’.
Ego games of personality and materialism lead us to resist these natural tendencies. Modern life is like trudging upstream, while, the most simple way to live is by getting in sync with nature. In fact, it is more like letting go and allowing the river to wash you to the sea. Just be and embrace the current of cosmic energy. The energy will guide you and your thought will be one with the universe. Relax and float down stream, your ‘note’ is your inspiration, so make sure to sing when it’s time.
When we are singing our personally inspired ‘dream songs’ loud and clearly, knowing they are in harmony with the universal song, all of creation will sing and dance along, not just people, but the trees, bees and stars are working with you to make it happen.
Please share how you get in the flow or a story about synchronicity leading you into the perfect situation.

Check out this video about HuMandalas and manifestation!


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