Kids Mandala Activities

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It’s so special and one of my goals to get children in sync with all the natural rhythms.  I’m always on the look out for creative ways to co-create  some magic with the little ones. Here are a few child approved activities. Try them out when your in the mood for some quality play Mandala Projects.
Ok, to start out it’s important for you and the little ones to know what a mandala is. Mandala means circle in Sanskrit, so it is essentially a balanced circular structure with the design radiating out from the center. It represents the patterns in creation and consciousness. 
Mandalas are very calming, centering and help with focus. A perfect tool to work with when the kids are a bit rambunctious to bring it down a couple notches.
Now that we know what Mandalas are, it time to find them. Send the kids out for a Mandala Scavenger Hunt.  They will find them in flowers, on rounds of wood, fruits, crystals, art designs or in each other (the eyes).

Create Mandala Art. Get inspired by viewing other Mandala creations, the flower of life, Sri Yantra or some Mehndi designs. A mandala can be started by drawing a spiral or circles within a circle.  Mandalas can also be Printed for free on the web or purchased as a Coloring Book. This is a very calming activity, a practice that can be relaxing of mind  and body. 
Make a  Nature Mandala! Gather up stones, pretty leaves, flowers, mosses, sticks and other objects. Once everything is assembled start from the inside and spiral out, you can use an X to keep things balanced. Do this project inside using berries or seeds for an edible creation or try gluing dried noodles or rice to paper for longer lasting Art. 

Humandalas! This is one of sweetest and potent medicine I can think of. Plus I feel so much bliss when the little’s are doing it, especially when they tone. Peace Stars are easy and so is the Galactic Spiral.  Of course humandalas can be done in conjunction with any of these activities and in most situations;  like meals, meetings, greetings, departures… 
Try out some of these fun activities inside or outside.
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