Sacred Geometry Inspired Spiritual Vision Leading to HuMandalas

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Daniel Levy's ProfileIn 2005, I was living in Tucson, AZ, doing cleansing work with living foods, as taught by Ann Wigmore, to heal myself from my childhood disease, Tourette’s Syndrome. As my diet and body became more pure, my “tics” did improve greatly and I started developing more energetic sensitivity, including seeing other people’s “aura”. I had a very analytical/skeptic mind, but was beginning to open to the idea that reality may work differently than I had previously understood.
At this time I was introduced to sacred geometry, the natural patterns of creation, and the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who froze water crystals into beautiful geometric shapes.
I was invited to draw an image called the flower of life and treat it as a prayer. As I started drawing this simple image of spiraling circles, I began getting imprints of these patterns in my psyche. I would see it whenever I closed my eyes and perceive these geometries to be the patterns of my energy body. I would see these patterns moving and flowing with the rhythm of the wind and ocean. I learned to move my body with the geometries as well. Soon, I had clear visions of people in circles moving in these same patterns. HuMandalas were born.
Flower of Life Rainbow
At first, it was difficult for me to share these connections with people and I did not – yet – understand how significant and transformational they could be. As I was able to find the right opportunities to share more, I started to notice many beautiful aspects of this new, nameless activity and quickly developed an obsession that would never cease.
Looking at the images of Dr. Emoto’s water crystals inspired me very much.
Dr. Emoto does experiments with water, showing that different intentions, words, and vibrations create different patterns in the crystals. Beautiful vibrations create beautiful geometries, while discordant energy creates ugly, fragmented crystal structures. This concept alone makes me think about how my intentions, words, and everyday thoughts affect the world around me. Our bodies are primarily water too. Looking at the images, I notice HuMandalas in the crystals and snowflakes. I see six yogis sitting in a circle, moving, together, with the natural rhythms.watercrystal
The concept that our vibrations have the power to purify the air and water was still very new for me, but on a Friday afternoon at the community sauna, the truth of this matter was revealed. I invited two friends to participate in “this activity” and got them to agree. We connected our knees in a sitting circle, created a Galactic Spiral with our hands and started moving with the wind. I felt an energy expanding from our movement and I suggested we cultivate the energy with the intention of purity and unconditional love. As this wave of light expanded… it started raining! We looked at each other bedazzled and broke the connection. It stopped raining right on cue. We were in Tucson, AZ and it doesn’t rain there often, which made it especially interesting. This is the moment when I decided to devote myself to cultivating a tone of unconditional love in myself and sharing these activities with others. Now, years later, I have seen weather changes happen with prayerful vibration more times than I can count, but every time this happens it still seems like a miracle and makes me cry with joy. It is my direct experience that HuMandalas and other such intentional activities literally restructure and clean the air and water.
spiralgalaxyI have discovered many other positive aspects to these activities. HuMandalas help people to trust each other, gain emotional sensitivity skills, and experience profound feelings of Oneness. People may feel like they’ve known each other for their whole lives after one simple HuMandala connection. HuMandalas are an intimate experience that deeply connects people, often leading to significant collaboration throughout life.
HuMandalas help us to get in sync with each other and the rhythms of nature. I have learned that when we are singing and dancing along with the universal rhythm or songs of nature, we find that our personal dreams and desires are not just ours to accomplish; they are the dreams and desires of the entire universe and all of creation is working together, towards the actualization of those thoughts. As individuals, we are like unique notes in a scale, and HuMandalas help us to get in tune so we can play magnificent polyrhythmic symphonies with all of creation.
Blessing the water before a drink at a spring in Bonny Dune near Santa CruzHuMandalas can be shared spontaneously in many different situations. Families and friends love to connect before sharing food. I encourage people to connect at fresh water springs to bless those sources of life, so they will forever run pure. It’s a great way to start a collaborative project, seal an agreement, begin a workshop, or simply connect genuinely with others.
These activities are enjoyed by people of all backgrounds. They have been appreciated by people of many spiritual faiths, including Jews, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, Pagans, and also Agnostics as well. People usually notice some similarity to their own customs and traditions, or recognize the patterns of the Humandalas from art and other aspects of their own cultures. It’s a great way to put aside our differences and simply connect in the spirit of unity.
I feel honored and blessed to have been shown, by the Universe, this transformational group activity called HuMandalas. This practice has guided me and many others into accelerated personal growth and spiritual understanding, and has also assisted us in our joyful service of becoming healers of the planetary energy. As more people engage and activate their own energy bodies with this tool, our planet will become more a place of beauty, compassionate connection, and collaboration. I am humbled to invite you to join in this journey of conscious co-creative synchronicity by learning and sharing this simple practice called HuMandalas.

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