Sacred Geometry Spotlight: Activating the Celtic Spiral

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Activating the Celtic Spiral

In interdependence there is wholeness; in wholeness there is interdependence.

The Celtic spiral is a symbol with roots in many ancient cultures.  Also known as the triskelion, the Celtic spiral is composed of three connected, continuous spirals that represent balance, harmony and motion.  Inherent in the triskelion is the energy of the trinity and the number three.
For some, the Celtic spiral represents the three aspects of the goddess: maiden, mother and crone. For others, it represents the three aspects of the human soul: mind, body and spirit.  It has also been known to symbolize the dance between the earth, sea and sky.  
Although the precise meaning of the Celtic spiral may vary, the vibration activated by its sacred geometry is consistent.  The trinity of motion represented in its three interconnected spirals delivers a neutralizing force that balances opposites: positive and negative, yin and yang, feminine and masculine. The neutralizing force is the loving awareness of the dance between polarities. The triskelion demonstrates beautifully the eternal interdependent nature of energy in motion.
Activating the energy of the Celtic spiral at home and in communities encourages harmony, stability and loving awareness of one another’s natural flow of life force!
Ready to explore?  Here are three simple and fun ways to connect with the Celtic spiral.
Humandalas Ritual:
Humandalas cards are a super fun way of activating sacred geometry. They can be used in groups to create connective rituals or alone at home as a simple daily routine.  Simply choose a card or series of cards from the five categories and follow or reflect on the prompts.
To create a celtic spiral:

  • Gather 3-4 people.
  • Connect the tips of your fingers and curl hands into the center, then bring your thumbs to the outside.
  • Curl your index fingers into the middle finger of the hand of the person to the left.
  • Breathe deeply together and tune into the collective energy.
  • Share what you’d like to co-create for yourself, your community and your planet with words, songs, sound, prayer or affirmation.
  • Offer the blessing and visualize the light of your intent streaming into all of your relationships. Anchor the memory of your connection to one another.

Drawing, Sketching, Painting and Coloring:
Tracing, drawing and coloring sacred geometry symbols are potent ways of vibing with their energies in addition to being incredibly calming and relaxing for our minds. As we trace the Celtic spiral we naturally become drawn into the dynamic nature of its energy in motion.  When we engage artistically we imprint the information we are receiving from the symbol in our minds and anchor it into our creative process.  Use materials you have at home or explore the many sacred geometry coloring books and printable sheets that are available.
Nature Mandala:
Set aside some moments to spend in nature.  Collect flowers, leaves, rocks, pebbles, stones, acorns, etc. and arrange your natural treasures into three interconnected spirals. Allow time to slow down as you engage meditatively with the Celtic spiral and life’s natural forces.
I hope you enjoyed reading this. May your day be blessed with harmony, balance and beautiful flow. 

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