Setting Intentions as a Daily Practice

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Every morning I choose how my day will unfold. There are many ways to set intentions for your day and life. This is how I set the tone for a magnificent day!


Choosing the right words is important. Your words are vibrating your whole being so we need to choose them wisely. Don’t waste valuable consciousness space thinking about what you don’t want. Think and speak about what you are wanting to create and what makes you happy. Our consciousness is like an echo chamber and we sing whatever song is stuck in our heads so be discerning about the words you use.

Cosmic Consciousness

We, all of creation, are one ecosystem and there is a harmony of vibrations flowing through us. We are all unique and sing our beautiful notes along with this galactic symphony. When we choose to align with the harmonies of nature, all of creating is conspiring with us to bring our, unified, intentions into being.

Will Power

Anybody can say words and hope for it to happen, but the trick is believing in yourself. When I set intentions, I know, with all my soul, that the vibrations I am holding space for, are reprogramming every cell in my body and that the universe is conspiring with me to bring it into being. The more I will these tones and positive expressions through my body, the more natural these thoughts and expressions become. If I am upset, I take it as an opportunity to practice my tones.

Conscious Breathing

The greatest practice is to bring intention into every breathe. We are always breathing, so why not make it an excuse to realign with nature and your highest self. I program my breath with tones, sung silently, in my consciousness. These tones are programmed are already anchored with ancient prayers and you can add your own. Try it; inhale with the tone “Ma” and exhale with the tone “Om.”


In my exploration, I developed the humandala technique for setting intentions alone or with a group. It is a simple process.

  1. We connect to each other and the rhythms of natures
  2. With the harmonies of nature, we share intentions and prayers for our session, day, lives or the world
  3. Cultivate, feel and embody our intentions with movement, song, breathe and visualization
  4. Offer the blessing as targeted healing for the world. As we heal each other, we heal ourselves
  5. Anchor the memory into something in your world that will remind you to radiate your intentions

Daily Lovestream

Daniel sending you loving energy

I’ve been teaching this practice for 15 years and create humandalas everyday. Now, I do them live, on the internet so you can do it with my. It is my purpose and I stoke to freely share it with you.

Join me for daily intention setting, Every Morning on Instagram Live.

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