Align with the Cosmic Symphony

The Whole Universe is Singing Along with the Song in my Soul.

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Align with the Cosmic Symphony

I breathe with the breeze.

I move with the moon.

I sing with the wind and flow with the ocean.

We, people, animals, plants and the elements around us, are all interconnected energetically.

We are swimming through a sea of vibration, harmonizing and changing the world with the tones we resonate.

In every step, we are, literally, dancing with a cosmic current of energy that has been cycling through the universe, forever.

I choose to sing along with this ancient song and this song will always carry on.

The uni-verse moves me. I am a note in a grand symphony orchestra or a reed whistling in the wind.

I tune my vessel, everyday so I can resonate more clearly, to sing along with the stars and the forest.

We are active partners in co-creating a beautiful story.

I listen and hear that the whole universe is singing along with the song in my soul.


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