5 Ways to Make a Yoga Class more Awesome!

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Turn the asana practice into a sacred ceremony.

Every yoga class is different, and instructors have a lot of responsibility in designing a yoga routine to keep students engaged. Yoga provides an active, inspiring, motivating and spiritual outlet. Adding humandalas to a yoga practice makes the class stand apart in a unique way. It changes the whole practice into a ceremony. 

Humandalas five-step technique can be incorporated into any yoga practice. 

Set the tone in the yoga class by connecting in a circle, holding hands or create a galactic spiral. 

Start the class by connecting in a circle and sharing an intention for the practice. Let everyone share their intention or come up with a group intention. Share intentions silently if desired. By setting an intention we choose what to amplify and cultivate, its a way to empower our selves to make a change.

Cultivate the energy with the asana practice.

Keep the energy moving with the asana practice, each breath and movement can embody your intentions. In Ananda Yoga, each pose has an affirmation. Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose is “I rise joyfully to meet each new opportunity.” These affirmations can be a fun way to create a theme throught the class, weaving in the intention in each movement.

Offer the energy up!

Send the intention up and out into the universe at the height of the yoga practice. Visualize your intention going out and into fruition. Now the universe has the message.

Anchor your intention

Yoga and humandalas can create an overall sense of bliss and balance to the body. 

Ground all the energy and intentions of the yoga practice into the final pose of the class. In this special moment, all the benefits of the practice are being fully assimilated. This closing posture can anchor all your intentions and hard work into your rejuvenated body, mind, and spirit.

Let us know how you incorporate humandalas in your Yoga practice in the comments below!

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