Choose the song yo sing, consciously

Do you Radiate your Soul's Song? Find your Optimal Vibe πŸ§˜πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

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Choose the song yo sing, consciously
Our world is a playground of tone and frequency. We are resonant beings and our bodies & consciousness are echo chambers. We all radiate sounds and vibrations but what ‘song’ are we singing? Discover your personal frequency or ‘soul’s song’ by stepping away from the noise to be present.
In modern civilization, there is sound and vibration radiating everywhere. It is extremely difficult to resonate our most harmonic individual notes or song. On top of that, people are often taught to dampen their ‘individual spark’ and that following the group is more important. If we aren’t singing our soul’s song then whose song are we singing? How do I know I’m singing my song or radiating with my dominant frequency?
Our emotional system is linked to sound, so think about the sound of a relieved sigh, the sound you make when startled, crying, excited, angry or laughing. These sounds are common to all people and it is the original language that we can use to communicate most of our needs, without words. Pay attention and remember the sounds of our emotions. Manage difficult situations by resonating the tone of a grounding or comforting emotional sound.

Play a tuning fork and all tuning forks of the same pitch, also ring out. Massive amounts of computer data is sent through a similar means around the world, pinging off satellites and antennas. Make a sound, silently in your consciousness, then everyone around feels it. We unconsciously resonate and dance with the subtle vibrations of others. Consciously create beautiful moments by resonating sounds that are in harmony with nature’s musical scales which are also known as happy sounds. ☺️

Get in Harmony with Nature

I am decisive about the vibrations I expose myself to because we are echo chambers becoming what we repeat in our consciousness. Take time away from the noise of modern music, media, cars, electronics, and of course toxic people.
Go into nature, look at the stars, or breathe with the ocean. You do not need to seek externally. Go within and meditate, chant spiritual mantras from any ancient cultures, do yoga, chi gong, traditional dances of your ancestors. There are many ways to reprogram our biorhythms to sync with the patterns of natures and be present, fully immersed in the moment we are in, then we are resonating with this same ‘galactic symphony.’
My practice is to breathe with the wind & move with the ocean to consciously align my awareness & biorhythms with those elements. From a space of harmony, consciously vibrate my body, physically, with positive thoughts and emotions.
I choose to willfully shake with bliss, laugh with joy and breath with divine presence then create humandalas with friends, which incorporate all these aspects. Make every moment one of conscious cultivation. Start with my breath by breathing with intention.

Like everything, this takes practice, so right now,
Take a Deep Breath with Presence!


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