Exodus from Lava Land

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It’s been a wild month of May! As many of you might know Humandalas is based in Lower Puna on the Big Island of Hawaii. The Kilauea Volcano has been going off in a new and somewhat unexpected place. It has literally busted up through roads, neighborhoods and has been spewing Lava upwards to 200m in the air. Its wild and amazing! Unfortunately the fissures have been producing a large amount of Sulphur dioxide which is not hospitable to humans or plants and the earthquakes are pretty nerve racking.
Our Humandala Family has evacuated off the island and are safe in Oregon. We will be staying till things cool down on the Big Island (Inshallah.)  For our convenience we have shipped Humandala cards over to Amazon and they can send them out for us. Feeling so grateful that amazon offers that service and with Free 2-Day Shipping for Prime members.
Friends, you can order them here! Please leave a review as it is a brand new product on Amazon.
While we are sad to leave our home on the Big Island, it’s very exciting to be back on the west coast. Feeling super inspired to reach out, connect and share HuMandalas! If you would like to host a HuMandala event in your community this summer, let’s connect and see what can transpire.
Several festivals and events are lining up and we are compiling a list to share them all very soon!  
But go on and put this on the calendar:
Our HuMandala Ambassador Training is scheduled to happen in Mt Shasta on August 4.  A full day immersion to Bless the waters, as you gain the skills and confidence to lead HuMandalas Movement Meditation in your community. Register now, via PayPal for discounted rate of only $100.

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