HuMandalas as a Personal Meditation Practice

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Get in sync with nature & set intention. HuMandalas are typically a group activity and is very effective as a personal practice.

Connect, Share Intention, Cultivate the Energy, then Anchor the memory. This is the simple process and can be done in a quietly or as a expressive dance.

As an individual, a great way to connect is to notice the beauty in the nature around you. Move to the rhythm of the wind. Breath with the song of the universe. We are all connected. We are one.

Mudras our are a traditional yogic technique, among other cultures, to contain energy within your body and each one is a unique and powerful anchors of a long lineage of prayers & meaning.


Traditionally, mudras are done in conjunction with pranayama (breathing meditation) and yoga.

Read more about mudras on wikipedia


Set your intentions for the day or life. Dream up your visions and clarify your goals. It is a time to focus on your ultimate dream. Use “I Am” statements and always make it beautiful!


Cultivate the dream with vibration, movement and sound. Feel it radiate from every cell in your body.

Breathe, shake, spin, dance, sing! You can do all of them or you can sit and breathe in stillness cultivating subtle, yet powerful vibrations.

Harness this energy in your body and become the vision by shaking it into every cell with a pulsing visualization. I am that I am!


With a breathe send this powerful energy to all of creation, a place, a person or event. Visualize the light of your intent streaming to your target.


Sacred art by Dima Yastronaut

Anchor the memory of this prayer to create a reminder. Anchors are stimuli, programmed to call forth states of mind, thoughts and emotions.

In a personal meditation, I like to anchor with a ‘Cell Burst’; with your breath, tense your whole body to the point of vibration, then with your exhale, let every cell slowly relax, as every cell bursts with energy of this ceremony.

Dwell in the Bliss

With all movement meditation, the stillness that comes after the ceremony is a very significant time, so dwell in the bliss of contentment. 

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