Make Love for the Planet, HuMandalas in the Bedroom

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Alex Grey’s Art showing interconnected energy bodies and vibration emanating from lovers.

What would it be like if love making and sex could heal the earth? Well, it can. Our intentions are very powerful. Collective intentions are even more so. When we focus our intention and cultivate vibration with movement, breath & sound, these ripples restructure the air around us and our intentions are carried in those waves. Learn more about cultivating collective energy for  planetary well being with HuMandalas.
Try this: As you are starting to cultivate tantric or sexual energy with your partner, pause, connect eyes & breathe together. Set your intentions for this session. Express what you are cultivating this energy for. Your intentions could be to see each other in more beautiful light or to see god’s full presence in one another. You can act as a prayer for the world and make love for planetary well being or peace on earth. Do it to clean the air, so all beings may feel the ecstasy that is experienced or for a person or place which needs focused healing.
Now, you’ve shared intentions for the energy which you are cultivating. This is very significant. Just by setting shared intention, your love making session has become far more meaningful. Love making can be the most profound meditation in the world and a lot of energy is cultivated with sex. Can you feel these vibrations emanating from you?
As you are moving in synchronized movement, losing your self to each other and the creation flow, you are naturally aligning yourself to each other’s harmonic rhythms and patterns. Intentional sex is a way to experience unity, not just with your partner, but with all of creation.
Tantric buddha
Tantric Buddha
Now, don’t rush to the climax of your love making experience. Take your time, cultivate the energy as long as possible. Build the energy with lots of caressing, eye gazes and loving words. Then relax to mellow when you get near the “point of no return”, making the session last, allowing for these intentional vibrations to cultivate more and more.
As many people are now aware, ejaculation can be draining for a man’s energy. It is not a necessity to ejaculate when you orgasm. An orgasm can be experienced through vibration all over the body. It helps to have a vivid imagination and to be practiced in fully experiencing the feelings and sounds of love making. It does take practice and you might need to work on keeping it mellow and be okay with not having orgasm at all. As you cultivate these skills, you can have ecstatic orgasmic experience by simply breathing together. I promise that this is possible.
It is beautiful to offer your love making session to the world as a prayer. Complete your love making by offering your still vibrant intentional sexual energy, or orgasm, to each other and the world. Give it to the air, the water & the earth, or focus on the healing of someone in need. If someone told me that they made love for my well being, wow, I’d be totally honored. This energy is healing. This energy is sacred. This energy can manifest miracles!
HuMandalas are a technique for couples and groups to cultivate collective energy in a non-sexual practice.
“Cultivate collective energy with connection, movement & sound in circle ceremonies.  Align biorhythms with universal patterns & sacred geometry.”
Daniel Levy developed this original modality through personal practice and insights from Mayan anthropology, sacred geometry, and yogic mudra.  He is a certified Hatha & partner yoga instructor.
See for more info and tutorials.

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