Star Tetrahedron in many Forms

Sacred Geometry Spotlight: Activating the Star Tetrahedron

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  Star Power The Star Tetrahedron is the pattern of Harmony, the evolutionary force of nature and the Geometry of love!  Its the union of two opposing tetrahedrons.  The two connected tetrahedrons represent the male (facing up) and female ( facing down) in perfect harmony. Picture a three-dimensional Star of …

The Power of Forgiveness: What are we giving when we forgive?

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Forgiveness. We want to give it and receive it in return. Sometimes it’s not an easy task, yet we long to forgive. Why is forgiveness so important to us? The word give is embedded in forgiveness. When we forgive, we are for giving. But what exactly are we giving? For me, the energy of forgiveness …

movement meditation for groups to get in sync with nature

HuMandalas Card Deck are here!

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After 3 years of brainstorming and collaboration, the HuMandalas Card deck has finally been published. Learn & create HuMandalas, easily using this beautiful 52 hex-card deck. [stag_button url=”” style=”red” size=”large” type=”stroke” target=”_self” icon=”paper-plane-o” icon_order=”before”]Order the Deck![/stag_button]   DNA LevityI am another you

7 Situations HuMandalas Will Change Your Life!

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7 – Before a Meal 6 – Peak of a Mountain 5 – Political or Social Demonstrations 4 – A Natural Vortex  3 – For Collaborative Projects 2 – A Fresh Water Spring 1 – In Outer Space Truth is, HuMandalas are great anywhere! Have Fun! [stag_button url=”” style=”blue” size=”medium” type=”stroke” target=”_self” …