Star Tetrahedron in many Forms

Sacred Geometry Spotlight: Activating the Star Tetrahedron

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Star Tetrahedron in many Forms


Star Tetrahedron Geometry in the Flower of LifeStar Power

The Star Tetrahedron is the pattern of Harmony, the evolutionary force of nature and the Geometry of love!  Its the union of two opposing tetrahedrons.  The two connected tetrahedrons represent the male (facing up) and female ( facing down) in perfect harmony. Picture a three-dimensional Star of David.

Star Tetrahedron Geometry Spinning

Star Tetrahedron based Animation



The Star Tetrahedron is the geometry of a Merkaba, which represents pure divine energy.

Here is the translation:

“Mer” means Light

“Ka” means Spirit.

“Ba” means Body

The Star Tetrahedron is a fundamental and universal pattern.  For example: oranges are stacked in a star tetrahedron pattern at the grocery store.  It is the shape seen in a harmonious water crystal, and in the pattern of an embryo’s growth.

 Try these activities to dive deeper into this geometry :

Humandala Star Tetrahedron connection on a beach in Hawaii.

Humandala Star Tetrahedron connection on a beach in Hawaii.

  • Draw flower of life – Once you start this practice you will see the flower of life everywhere, even when your eyes are shut.  TheChemicalMarriage shares easy steps to start and you will need a compass.
  • Merkaba Meditation– This meditation helps to activate your body’s natural energy field. This practice is in depth, so I suggest for those interested to check out this article from This is a thorough break down of all the steps to get that Merkaba spinning, follow this link to dive deeper into the Merkaba Meditation.
  • Humandalas-  They are all about creating that Sacred G.


The Star Tetrahedron connection is also known as Water Crystal Connection and its a practice for 3 people.

Star Tetrahedron Connection Animation

  1. Create a Galactic Spiral with the right hand then take a breath together to focus the energy.
  2. Connect your thumbs, creating a tetrahedron to amplify the energy of your intention. Feel your connection to the heavens, the Yang and all masculine energy in the universe.
  3. With your left hands, create an upside-down spiral and connect the thumbs, creating another tetrahedron, connecting with the earth, the Yin and the divine feminine.
  4. Connect the two tetrahedrons creating a Star Tetrahedron, then open the thumbs on the left hand to interconnect the two tetrahedrons, creating a Star Tetrahedron.
  5. Call in the energy with a counterclockwise vortex movement and a synchronized breath.
  6. Send the energy out, as you vortex the Star Tetrahedron in a clockwise motion. Visualize a Star tetrahedron fractal grid expanding from the center, interweaving with the sacred energy of your light bodies, the trees, breeze, and planetary consciousness field.
  7. Send your bottom hands to the earth, and top hands to the heavens and bring the balanced energy together within the center of your being.


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