The Power of Forgiveness: What are we giving when we forgive?

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Forgiveness. We want to give it and receive it in return. Sometimes it’s not an easy task, yet we long to forgive. Why is forgiveness so important to us?
The word give is embedded in forgiveness. When we forgive, we are for giving. But what exactly are we giving?
For me, the energy of forgiveness feels like opening a space that was once shut.  It feels like light flooding in; as if the curtains have just been opened.  With forgiveness, anything feels possible.  Perhaps when we pardon one another and ourselves, we are offering possibility: for a change of heart, for a shift in direction, for harmony to arise.
How do we cultivate and foster forgiveness in our lives?
1.  Develop Empathy: When we are able to see ourselves in someone else, we gain valuable perspective about the universal experience we have as humans.  This helps us to feel compassion for one another and forgiveness naturally flows.
2.  Get in Harmony: Immerse yourself in a natural setting and observe the interplay of nature.  As we relax in our surroundings, we become attuned with the perfect harmony within us.  Our mind follows our body, and our thoughts naturally lead us to places that require our fine tuning.  The gentle flow of love we feel in our favorite places in nature reaches our thoughts and the love prevails.  Layer by layer, the sharpness of our hidden resentments are washed with the light of forgiveness.
3.  Ask for and offer forgiveness in prayer.  Prayer and meditation are powerful tools for cultivating the energy of forgiveness and offering to the world. There are so many ways to pray and meditate, each as unique and beautiful as the soul in reflection. In Hawaii, there is a spiritual practice called Ho’oponopono that highlights the art of forgiveness and living in harmony.  While the practice itself is quite in depth, meditating on and repeating these few simple phrases can be quite profound on its own:

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you 

If you’d like to learn about Ho’oponopono, visit here:
I’d love to know, what does forgiveness feel like to you?
“Forgiveness is for giving
So give yourself this gift from time to time
And let all of your mistakes
Become all of your greatest gifts
In disguise.”
-Luka Lesson
“Love prevails all trauma”
-Harry Uhane Jim

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