The Power of Forgiveness: What are we giving when we forgive?

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Forgiveness. We want to give it and receive it in return. Sometimes it’s not an easy task, yet we long to forgive. Why is forgiveness so important to us? The word give is embedded in forgiveness. When we forgive, we are for giving. But what exactly are we giving? For me, the energy of forgiveness …

Sacred Geometry Movement for Group Synchronization

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Move with the sacred geometries of the natural world to improve sensitivity, alertness and synchronization. HuMandalas are a simple technique for groups of people to consciously attune with these universal rhythms. From a space of harmony, with each other and all of creation, we can collaborate with optimal efficiency.

HuMandalas are Yoga Circle Ceremonies

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HuMandalas are a creative way for groups of people to share and cultivate intentional energy. Through collaborative movement, breath, and sound, HuMandala participants mirror and connect with the building-block patterns of the Universe (sacred geometry), co-creating a living, breathing container where vivid visions are born, powerful prayers projected, and spontaneous beauty …