Sacred Geometry Movement for Group Synchronization

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Move with the sacred geometries of the natural world to improve sensitivity, alertness and synchronization. HuMandalas are a simple technique for groups of people to consciously attune with these universal rhythms. From a space of harmony, with each other and all of creation, we can collaborate with optimal efficiency.

Wild Smile Family

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It may have been Labor Day Weekend, but at the first ever Wild Smile event, we celebrated withplay! At Evolvefest, a family-friendly yoga and music festival held in Pennsylvania, a troop of cheerful and creative kids and parents gathered on a sweltering Saturday afternoon to connect, get centered and get on down. Since it …

Finger Tutting is a Peaceful Co-creative Art

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Finger Tutting is gaining popularity amongst youth around the world with many viral YouTube videos and instructional videos appearing all over the internet. Finger Tutting was popularized with break dance styles and is making a huge comeback, now with YouTube access, especially with young people. I think this is a great thing …

HuMandalas for Healing The Planet

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HuMandalas are guided or spontaneous ceremonial yogic circles in which the geometries of creation are made with connected bodies, movement and sound. Using the power of intention, participants cultivate healing energy for themselves and the planet. My name is Daniel Levy and I have been teaching this art of connection for …