HuMandalas for Healing The Planet

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HuMandalas are guided or spontaneous ceremonial yogic circles in which the geometries of creation are made with connected bodies, movement and sound. Using the power of intention, participants cultivate healing energy for themselves and the planet.

My name is Daniel Levy and I have been teaching this art of connection for about 7 years. I developed this technique through personal practice and insights from Mayan anthropology, sacred geometry, and traditional yogic practices.
It was 2005 and I was living in Tucson, AZ. I was introduced to sacred geometry, the patterns of creation, and Dr. Emoto’s water crystals. I was invited to draw an image called the flower of life and treat it as a prayer. As I started drawing this image of spiraling circles, I began getting imprints of these patterns in my psyche. I would see it whenever I closed my eyes and perceive these geometries to be the patterns of my energy body. I would see these patterns moving and flowing with the rhythm of the wind and ocean. I learned to move my body with the geometries and learned that I was using Qi Gong style techniques. Soon, I had visions of people in circles moving in these same patterns. HuMandalas were born.
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Looking at the images of Dr. Emoto’s water crystals inspired me, very much. Dr Emoto does experiments with water, showing that different intentions, words and vibrations create different patterns in the crystals. Beautiful vibrations create beautiful geometries, while discordant energy creates ugly, fragmented crystal structure. This concept, alone makes me think about how my intentions, words and everyday thoughts effect the world around me. Our bodies are primarily water, too. Looking at the images, I notice HuMandalas in the crystals and snowflakes. I see six yogis sitting in a circle, moving, together, with the natural rhythms.
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Cultivate the energy of our intentions with the rhythms of natureThe concept of our vibrations having the power to clean the air was still new for me, but on a Friday afternoon at the community Sauna, the truth of this matter was revealed. I invited two friends to participate in this activity (which had no name, yet). I got them to agree. We connected our knees in a sitting circle, created a spiral with our hands and started moving with the wind. I felt an energy expanding from our movement and I suggested we cultivate the energy with the intention of purity. As the energy expanded, it started raining, we looked at each other, bedazzled and broke the connection. It stopped raining right on cue. We were in Tucson, AZ and it doesn’t rain often. This is the moment when decided to devote myself to sharing these activities.
The word “Love” bring beautiful feeling and emotions to our senses. Imagine of a toning bell. I say “Love” and ring the bell, the concepts of love are thought of as long as the bell rings. The vibrations of the sound, carries the intention. These intentions can be felt by people even if they didn’t hear the intention. They can sense the feelings of those around them and naturally resonate similar emotional sounds. The collective consciousness is always felt. If I sing a beautiful song, it makes everyone around feel good, right? What if I sing this song in my head and dance to it with my expressions and movement? This will generate similar feelings in those around.

HuMandalas are very similar. When we connect in these beautiful formations, participants are often overwhelmed by the beautiful and joyful energy that we are producing, but also, people nearby feel it and are enraptured by it. When we create vibration with intention, the intention is spread with the ripple of energy that expands from it. This ripple continues throughout the planet.
I whole heartedly believe that HuMandalas and other such activities literally restructure and clean the air. There are many other aspects to these activities as well. HuMandalas bring about profound feelings of Oneness. It helps people to trust each other and gain emotional sensitivity skills. People may feel like they’ve known each other for their whole lives after a simple HuMandala connection. I have met so many people like this. I have also found work from new trusted friendships and had other life needs met directly because of these connections.
HuMandalas can be shared spontaneously in many different situations. Families and friends love to connect before sharing food. I encourage people to connect at fresh water springs to bless those sources of life, so they will forever run pure. It’s a great way to start a collaborative project, seal an agreement or begin a workshop.
These activities are enjoyed by people of all backgrounds, I think of it as a type of Universal Religion. I have connected with people of many religions including Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, buddhist, Pagan, Mormon and even Atheist. People usually notice similarity to their accustomed tradition or recognize the patterns from the different aspects of their culture. I have had positive feedback from most. It’s a great way to put aside our differences and simple connect in the spirit of unity.
HuMandalas helping to heal the planet by connecting with community more, collaborative visioning and sharing resonance of sacred vibrations. Make HuMandalas a part of your everyday life.

“The organic mandalas Daniel conjures create a spontanious sacred play that is at once delightfully fun and new, yet stirs an ancient memory that is very tribal and simply profound.”
Sonya Sophia Illig – EFT Practicioner Trainer

Levy and the HuMandala team are based in Ashland, OR and regularly offer workshops, training and private visioning gatherings all along the West Coast and are open to traveling.
For more information and to arrange a workshop or visioning gathering for your community, please visit, find us on Facebook and Twitter @HuMandalas.

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