Humandalas at Kalani

Humandalas at Kalani Dec 14

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HuMandalas Workshops Unite Communities Sharing Humandalas with the community is always so much fun! Join us to bless each other up and Bliss out as a group! This workshop will guide you through fun, family-friendly circle ceremonies. Come enjoy this simple connective practice, and bring it into your daily life …

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Movement Meditation Workshop- HuMandalas at Flow Fest 2018! (Video)

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Sharing HuMandalas with our community at Flow Festival was so much fun!  We blessed each other up, and blissed out! HuMandalas Workshops unite communities.  Let us know if you want to invite your community together for a HuMandalas Workshop.  We also offer an Ambassador Workshop which teaches participants to be …

Wild Smile Family

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It may have been Labor Day Weekend, but at the first ever Wild Smile event, we celebrated withplay! At Evolvefest, a family-friendly yoga and music festival held in Pennsylvania, a troop of cheerful and creative kids and parents gathered on a sweltering Saturday afternoon to connect, get centered and get on down. Since it …