HuMandalas as a Complement to Kundalini Yoga

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kundalini In Kundalini teachings we have come as of 2013 into the Aquarian Age. The Piscean Age has ended and we are entering a new Era of the dynamic relationship between the universe and human consciousness.
Kundalini Yoga is a technology for inner change which will ignite and generate the energetic forces that reside dormant in human minds and bodies. It is imperative that we come together in the cultivation of this new paradigm through transcendental awareness. A wonderful technique is through doing HuMandalas, started by Daniel Levy.
Our coming together in a collective transformational process is needed to survive and excel under the pressures that the modern world has manifested. We need wisdom and gatherings of people in prayer and intention for healing to use the infinite information accumulated over many generations and an elevated capacity to make intentional choices and heal the planet. Practicing HuMandalas is a definitive way to do this.
The Aquarian age is the age of expertise, experience and expansion emerging from The Piscean Age of subordination, patriarchy, machines and hierarchies. Like most spiritual philosophy Kundalini yoga reminds us that God is inseparable from us and resides in everything everywhere…..omnipresent and omnipotent. This new consciousness rooted in sacred connection and relinquishment of dualistic thinking and ego is our life purpose. Our highest work in human and earthly form, therefore coming together with this intent heightens our capacity to ascend and a wonderful method of gathering people with this intention is through human connection in the creation of star tetrahedron or any of the numerous HuMandalas.
kudalini risingWe are embarking on a journey of awakening to cultivate the development of a new more highly conscious human population beyond suffering, fear, resentment and resistance. This will create a new humanity rooted in development of a new sensory system overflowing with energy and opening our hearts by the integration of empathy, acting with integrity, intentionality and compassion. This will allow human beings to have healthy interactions, relationships and communities. The mind is an imperative tool to utilize in this new age but it must be used a different way than the past. Rather than focusing on acquiring intellectual analysis of factual information opening our minds to the space between thought we are able to become a portal for universal intelligence to emanate through us. The knowledge is already there. It does not need to be read and recited and repeated by rote memorization it only needs to be transferred or more simply channeled.
The mind of the future Aquarian Age person will be different in sensitivity and quality over the next decades. Inner education is equally as important to cultivate as in obtaining wisdom. Watering the garden of self control and utilizing intuition from the place of a more open and neutral mind will allow our hearts to bloom into fullness. Connecting with self and other in a heartfelt and energetically healing way is the highest form of lifestyle modification and healthy preventative medicine.
We have currently many diseases in society that have reached epidemic proportion such as depression, diabetes, cancer, chronic congestive heart failure, and innumerable others. As a nurse I have seen many ailments and disease processes and have witnessed Western medicine’s practice of intentionally attempting to keep people sicker. Western medicine focuses on treating symptoms rather than curing the cause of the illness.
In my new Aquarian Reality it is my belief that this disease will abate through the practice and intentionality of streaming God consciousness through our beingness and recognition the illusory nature of reality and the potential of spontaneous remission of any illness through belief. It is my belief that people heal because they believe what they are told. The doctor tells them this medicine or surgery or treatment therapy is what they need based on evidence and research and study and so they do it.
People have the idea that they are separate from the other. This new world of The Age of Aquarious is one in which all people will aspire to heal their bodies and the planet and practice inclusion rather than exculsion, suppression, racism, prejudice and a greater division of economic distribution. We are building a foundation for society to interact regardless of religion, socioeconomic status, and cultural background. We are integrating concepts based on compassion and embracement of all people. We will stop searching, needing and wanting by incorporating the flow of the vastness of the universe into our beingness. Letting go of ego, identification and coming from a place of stillness and understanding that we are perfect harmonious and pure already wherever we are and any given moment in the NOW.
This consciousness will propel the age of Aquarian beings to teach acting nobely, graciously, kindly and compassionately through word, action and body mind awareness towards everybody for the benefit of all beings. The old paradigm of the Piscean Age is not conducive to a compassionate, harmonious and intentional life therefore we are replacing it with a new pattern and way of perceiving and thinking about the reality in which we live.
It is our greatest purpose to consistently combat the dynamics of materialistic and consumeralistic mentality which has dominated society for too long. Eradication of need and greed are our part of the new age paradigm. The idea is that these concepts need to occur on a global scale. There is a resurfacing of tribal based traditions and each person must have a commitment to personal authentic transformation.
This transformation of tribal awareness is the focal point and basis of Doing HuMandalas. We are co creating a beautiful vision of harmony peace love and evolving into the next dimension of human interaction each time we come from the understanding that we are energy star bodies coming together to collectively tap into universal consciousness and send out prayers and intentions our into the far reaches of the universe together by practicing HuMandala. The practice of cultivating more loving and harmonious and intentional energy generating from each human being is the foundation of the Aquarian Age and practice of Kundalini Yoga as well as the practice of HuMandalas.

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