Is it Possible to Form a Simple Humandala with a Large Group? YES!

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Y084In response to a recent question:
“We are going to be about 15 people, meeting next Monday, and I’m wondering: is it possible to form a simple humandala with such a large group? I’m drawn to the hand spiral, but don’t know if so many arms will fit in one circle!
Would you be willing to offer any ideas or suggestions here?”
“The galactic spiral usually works well for groups of that size depending on the size of the people.. I encourage you to study the technique I have posted at
A connection that I often share with groups of this size or bigger is an activity I call “Passing the Heart”.. I will share with you:

  1. In a circle, we all bring our hands to our hearts and take a breathe together.
  2. With our next breathe, on the exhale we open our hands connecting to the hands of the people on our sides. This is a good opportunity to share quick intentions in a ‘popcorn’ fashion let who ever wants to ‘through some thoughts in the soup’
  3. Now, we will cultivate the intention. While keeping the physical connection, bring our left hands to our own heart and right hand to the heart of the person to our right.
  4. With our synchronized breathe and exhale we send our hands and a wave of energy to the heart of the person to the left of you.
  5. Repeat this back and forth for a few breathes.
  6. Flow into a continuous wave type motion as you continue to cultivate these intentions.
  7. Moving in sync, we visualize this energy expanding through the world or directed to something specific. As we visualize, guide the movement of our hands up and out.
  8. As the timing feels right, we then ‘anchor’ the memory in the space, visualizing ripples expanding from our location like ripples from a drum. You can also anchor the memory into other things like music or food.
  9. Then we anchor the vibration in ourselves with a cup of light.

Peace star and flying heart  are other simple and quick connection for large groups.

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