Couple’s Meditation: How It Can Improve Your Relationship

Every couple faces their own unique tensions and misalignments, whether that be schedules clashing, disagreements, or financial strain. It is normal to find yourself seeking to amend conflict with your partner and revitalize your bond. If you find yourself seeking a method of connection beyond verbal communication, couple’s meditation may be a great tool to nourish your relationship.

Even if your relationship has no conflict, couple’s meditation is a powerful technique to bring you closer to your partner in a brand new way. Meditation creates a new space for you and your partner to share. Together you can strengthen your connection which will inevitably better all areas of your relationship.  

Reducing stress and eliminating conflicts with your partner

Stress is a common source of tension in a relationship. Meditation is an excellent tool to reduce stress and distraction in your life. Doing meditation with your partner is a helpful way for you two to find peace within yourselves as well as in each other. When you two focus on the present together, focus on the rhythm of your breath or the sounds of your moment, you create a space of patience and acceptance. The stillness you find will soften your perspective.

If you both can find this space to be present and focus your attention on the intent of connecting, you can cultivate a united consciousness. In this space, peace, love, and gratitude will flourish. Think about all of the moments you are together with your partner and your minds are flooded with thousands of thoughts. Maybe you or your partner experience problems with listening to the other person’s words. When you practice meditation together, you can press pause on the flood of thoughts and truly experience a united consciousness that is built on the foundation of peace, trust, and love.

Ultimately, this consciousness will allow you to solve conflict in healthy ways. 


Fortify your loving relationship and strengthen the bond

Couple’s meditation can help fortify the love in your relationship. It is a well established psychological principle that you cannot give love to others unless you have love for yourself.  Meditation is a great way for one to strengthen their self love which will, ultimately, strengthen the love in their relationship. When you meditate you are bringing attention to thoughts and the emotional reactions you feel when such thoughts arise. In this space, you can notice which thoughts empower you and which thoughts hurt your wellbeing. Through the meditative lens, you can practice meeting bad thoughts with love and compassion. This practice will translate with your partner. When you and your partner are practicing self love through meditation, you will be able to meet each other with a genuine, rooted love that does not waver. Set your meditation with the intention to revitalize the love in your relationship and you will get in sync with your partner. 

Improving Sex and Intimacy

Another benefit of couple’s meditation is its ability to revitalize intimacy and improve your sex life. If you set the intention of your couple’s meditation on the wellbeing of your partner, you are transferring healing energy towards them. The energy you cultivate is a vessel of your consciousness. This energy can bring you closer to your partner as it allows you both to see the true nature of their emotions and thoughts. Through this, couples meditation will unite you two in a way that you might have never experienced before. You two will be able to truly consider each other’s perspectives which will make you a better listener and strengthen the intimacy in your relationship.

Once you have revitalized your intimacy, your sex will improve. Although studies in mindfulness and sex are in their beginning phases, there is research to suggest that meditation can improve sex. Meditation helps the psychological aspect of sex, as it helps to maintain focus and presence, which ultimately helps individuals stay engaged and connected to their partner. To connect to your partner, try breathing in sync. Additionally, meditation can heighten your perception of your physical senses, therefore, making sex with your partner more intense and exciting. 

Why every couple should meditate together

Meditating with your partner will bring you two into an exciting new space built on trust, patience and love. There are many types of couple’s meditation to practice. The best way to begin your journey into mindfulness is to use guided meditations. With guidance, you and your partner can explore many different paths and find what meditative exercises or visuals work best.

Remember that meditation is most successful when you get into a routine of practicing regularly. If you find difficulties with your couple’s meditation, try not to judge yourself or your partner. If it feels uncomfortable that might be an indication of your ego’s resistance. Continue to practice the couple’s meditations and this discomfort will alleviate. Remember to set the intention of deepening and cleansing the bond between you and your partner to ensure these specific results. The energy you cultivate, as a result of your intention, will help bring you two closer. 

Humandalas: A meditation technique for couples

Meditation takes many forms which means it can look like different things. If you find yourself most engaged with group activity, you may consider Humandalas. Humandalas is a guided movement group meditation that uses intentional connection, toning, and visualization to get more in sync with others and nature.

In these meditations, individuals form a human mandala by getting into a circular pattern and physically connecting with one another. For people with anxiety, this exercise may help relieve the feeling of isolation that commonly accompanies anxiety. Humandalas are particularly powerful in channeling external energy and helping break through the confines of ego.

For more information about this form of meditation, you can learn more about Humandalas and our story.

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