HuMandala Mudras – Om Ah Hum

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Amplify our intentions

Amplify our intentions

This evening we had a raw food potluck at the house… there were about ten of us and it was great! We started the meal buy holding hands and making to sound “YUMMM.” Yum Circles have become a very common way to begin a meal. It is so nice to connect, ground and bless food together. It makes this, already vibrant food taste even better. Evan made collard wraps filled with veggies and raw pate, A big salad, guacamole, and a yummy carrot raisin salad. I made some raw chocolates with Cocao butter, raw honey, golden berries, raisins, almonds and salt… WOW! What a great meal! We then we connected a some HuMandalas and are now playing music and singing! Life is good!
Pentacle of <strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'>Peace</strong> with celtic pentacle on Tim's Shirt
Pentacle of Peace
Carlen, Tim and I creating a HuMandala Mudra connection, We said the prayer Om Ah Hum and offered it to the world.

About Mandala Mudra
 says “The mudra is a symbolic offering of the entire universe, with all the good things contained within. It is the highest ritual expression of devotion in Buddhist tradition, and is offered to the enlightened Buddhas and teachers for the benefit of all sentient beings.”

HuMandala Mudra, amplifying the highest expression of devotion with group alignment
About Om Ah Hum
Sogyal Rinpoche said about Om Ah Hum“…the transformative blessings of the body, speech and mind of all the buddhas” See
Video Lara filmed  Carlen, Tim and me offering a HuMandala Mudra to the world…

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