HuMandala Embodiment – August 25-26th 2012

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A unique opportunity to fully immerse in the energy of conscious community, prayer and intention setting, sacred sound and conscious movement. Experience a higher level of the connection and beauty that cultivates within the realm of HuMandalas with visionary, Daniel Levy. There is something to be said about the value of immersing oneself for an entire weekend into a container that allows us to love one another, to speak our intentions, look into each other’s eyes and drop any and all other pretenses.

I have found that one of the strongest motivating desires we have as humans is to connect fully and deeply with one another. Due to the nature of our lives, many of us have forgotten how to play like children, express love and beauty. Ask for what we want in a way that the universe can respond to. Or we are afraid and don’t know how to ask others to engage with us or that by doing so we will be somehow exposed, vulnerable, open to possible rejection just because of our very desire. The skill of connecting authentically with others cultivates naturally through the use and sharing of HuMandalas.
Daniel offers many different methods and opportunities throughout the weekend to explore and rediscover our magical selves while providing flexibility and flow. Beyond “just HuMandalas”, Daniel channels ancient wisdom of sound and vibrational magic, music, spoken word, beauty, prayer and brings the sacred into our daily lives.

Recapture child-like innocence and the Spirit of Play in a safe and intimate group container. This is a universal desire, to have the sparkling essence of the Divine Child rooted into Wisdom of our Adult Selves. This was one of the most fun things that I have ever participated in. There are plenty of moments for both group and private reflections. Participants of the weekend long immersion are left with a certain sparkle in their eyes, a renewed zest and belief in the beauty of infinite possiblity. What is your intention? What are you here to do? Let this weekend energize and calibrate the essence of who you really are and change your life forever.

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